Welcome to Narrapumelap Historic Homestead

Narrapumelap was built in 1873 and is an impressive French Gothic Mansion in the west of Victoria, within easy reach of the Grampians, Port Fairy and the coast.

Visit Narrapumelap and let yourself be taken to a world of elegance, charm and serenity...


Accommodation - Narrapumelap

The former kitchen wing of the homestead has been converted into a charming self-contained apartment that can comfortably accommodate 2-4 people.

Tours - Narrapumelap

Visitors are given a comprehensive guided tour of the mansion with stories of the original owner's personal history and descriptions of the important features of the house.

Restoration - Narrapumelap

As recently as the 1980s Narrapumelap was considered beyond restoration, visitors will be amazed by the turn around in the homestead’s fortunes.

History - Narrapumelap

The Narrapumelap Historic Homestead was built in 1873 by John Dixon Wyselaskie, a successful pastoralist and philanthropist with his own intriguing life story.


Contact Narrapumelap Historic Homestead to view this historic homestead or stay a night or two.